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Happy to help any queries about how to enroll into one of our plans.

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Some of the benefits are available to be accessed from Day1 while some can be availed fom 1 month post enrollment.

All Bright Plans come with a 30 day Grace period. Termination rules, and the reduced benefits in the grace period for Individual plans vary by type of the plan.

Cancellation policy varies by each plan, and the selected tenure. Most plans come with a 1 month flexible period if you choose to cancel within the first month.

Refunds are applicable only during the experience period of first month

In our eligbility process you need to answer simple queries related to your health like your age, medical history, medications history etc. Which allows us to present personalized health plans for you and your family.

Bright Plan is available for anyone from ages 0-50 (inclusive). All women, men and children can get enrolled.

Firstly you can check your eligibility through the Signup process here then you can choose the health plan best suitable for your health and preferences. You can then make a payment and complete the enrollment process.

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BrightPlan provides Comprehensive health plans for everyone, at a tiny monthly cost, for a brighter tomorrow. We're ourselves not an insurance company.

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BrightPlan is a Bangalore headquartered Health Management Organization (HMO) that offers day-to-day healthcare benefits like OPD care through a monthly subscription plan, and we're not an insurance provider. We aim to reduce your financial strain due to unanticipated healthcare expenses even if it's a simpler healthcare need unlike a health insurance which covers you only when you're hospitalized or admitted.