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What is the refund policy of Bright Plans?

Refunds are applicable only during the experience period of first month, excluding any charges for the health checkup during the onboarding process. Post the experience period, no refunds would be issued. In case the member is not eligible for the chosen subscription plan after the health checkup, and is not willing to or able to find an alternate plan, any subscription amount paid minus the health checkup fee would be refunded within 5 - 7 days of the confirmation.
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BrightPlan provides Comprehensive health plans for everyone, at a tiny monthly cost, for a brighter tomorrow. We're ourselves not an insurance company.

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BrightPlan is a Bangalore headquartered Health Management Organization (HMO) that offers day-to-day healthcare benefits like OPD care through a monthly subscription plan, and we're not an insurance provider. We aim to reduce your financial strain due to unanticipated healthcare expenses even if it's a simpler healthcare need unlike a health insurance which covers you only when you're hospitalized or admitted.