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Is BrightPlan an insurance company?

BrightPlan is not an insurance company on its own, and neither an insurance intermediary. BrightPlan also helps you plan in advance for your healthcare needs like an insurance, and the similarity with a health insurance ends there! BrightPlan is a Health Management Organization (HMO), where our sole objective is to ensuring a brighter & healthier tomorrow for you, by supporting all of your day-to-day healthcare needs.

Health insurance plans available in the market do not cover your day-to-day healthcare expenses like doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, prescription medicine and other similar needs (which are usually called in the market terminology, "OPD"). BrightPlan is changing that by offering you health plans that cover these essential healthcare needs, and we do not measure your health in "Sum insured", rather by better healthcare outcomes & a brighter tomorrow.

To cater to your comprehensive benefits, in plans above Superia, we make an Insurance Plan available to you with the support of a Third-party vendor, which would cover any contingency needs like hospitalization & surgery. These insurances provided by the vendor are all IRDAI approved health insurances and Bright Partnered with these vendors to get personalized services using our technology. ANY INSURANCE AVAILED THROUGH THIRD PARTY VENDORS SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED TO BE THE SERVICES OF BRIGHT PLAN AND SUCH SERVICES SHALL BE GOVERNED BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE VENDOR SERVICE PROVIDER AND/OR INSURANCE PROVIDER.
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BrightPlan provides Comprehensive health plans for everyone, at a tiny monthly cost, for a brighter tomorrow. We're ourselves not an insurance company.

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BrightPlan is a Bangalore headquartered Health Management Organization (HMO) that offers day-to-day healthcare benefits like OPD care through a monthly subscription plan, and we're not an insurance provider. We aim to reduce your financial strain due to unanticipated healthcare expenses even if it's a simpler healthcare need unlike a health insurance which covers you only when you're hospitalized or admitted.